Thursday, May 30, 2019

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau as Fathers of Transcendenta

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau as Fathers of transcendental philosophyTranscendentalism was a movement in writing that took place in the mid-nineteenth century. It formed in the early to mid nineteenth century and reached it climax around 1850 during an era commonly referred to as the American Renaissance, Americas Golden Day, or the Flowering of New England.The basic tenets of Transcendentalism involve the relationships between ones self and the world at large. First, the search for truth in Transcendentalism begins with the individual. The thoughts of Transcendentalist writers must come from themselves and not from others. They could study previous works for inspiration, but they could not take the ideas of others. Transcendentalist writers have carry out self-reliance in their ideas. Transcendentalism called for literary, philosophical, and theological independence from Europe, earning the Transcendentalist era the label American Renaissance.Next, Transcendenta lism also relates to the rest of the world. It applies individual energies gained through self-reliance to the general good of society. In Transcendentalism, there is no real evil. For every apparent evil there is a true goodness. Because evil is said not to exist, Transcendentalists recall in the perfectibility of man.One well-known Transcendentalist author is Ralph Waldo Emerson. Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in New England in 1803. He entered Harvard Divinity College where he trained to become a priest. However, he later withdrew from the ministry because he did not share the same ideals that were imposed on him by church authority. In 1832, Emerson sailed to Europe to flee the despair he felt after the deaths of his wife and bro... ...using metaphors and rhythms according to his own style. Literature such as Ralph Waldo Emersons Nature and Henry David Thoreaus Walden reflect the tenets of Transcendentalism. They set the foundation for Transcendentalism because Emerso n and Thoreau were the fathers of the literary movement. Both writers searched for truth and the meaning of life on an individual level that fit their feelings. They demonstrated the perfectibility and self-reliance of individuals. For example, Walden tells of Thoreaus two years of reinforcement in the woods relying on himself for food and shelter and trying to simplify his life. He wanted to demonstrate that there was no evil in the easiness of his forest home. Just as Thoreaus Walden demonstrated Thoreaus renewal or refreshing of his own spirit, Transcendentalism was the renewal or rebirth of American Literature.

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