Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Existentialist Concepts of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Essay

Existentialist Concepts of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka - Essay Example Due to such dilemma, the family was faced with financial troubles and the aging parents had to find jobs. Gregor formerly provided for all the necessities in the Samsa house and has efficiently done so as a businessman. He rented a modest house for the whole family to stay in and had to work harder in order to maintain the good life that his family was enjoying. He was concerned about the affairs of his parents and sister, thinking about their future, planning even for her sister. He meant to send her sister to the conservatory but with the turn of events, her young sister had to find a job and study at the same time. In addition to her tasks, Gregor’s sister, Grete, placed upon herself to look after the needs of her brother, bringing him his food and cleaning his room everyday. When the family’s savings run out, they thought of giving up the house because they cannot afford it anymore but they cannot leave it for fear about Gregor’s condition. They then found te nants to help pay off the bills and it was during this time that Gregor revealed himself to them. Although it was not the intention of the monster Gregor to show himself to the tenants, he forgot about being considerate when he was drawn by the playing of the violin of her sister. When the tenants found out that there was such a creature near their room, they demanded the Samsa’s that they cannot pay their bills because of the beast. With this, Grete lose control of herself and complained to her parents saying they better get rid of her monster brother. That night, everyone went to their rooms miserable especially Gregor. Early in the morning, the beast breathed his last and his corpse was soon found by the cleaner later. When she made noises commenting on the dead animal, the Samsa’s woke up to see if Gregor was indeed dead. Upon confirmation, they all gathered together in their room and had a small talk. They soon got rid of the tenants and wrote letters of excusal t o the people concerned with their affairs. Mr. Samsa wrote to his employer, the wife to her contractor and the daughter to her principal because they decided to have a break from all their hard labor and their miserable times in their house. The story reflects existentialist concepts of self-awareness. The vivid descriptions and the seemingly unending suspense in the story eventually stirs the readers to question what is really happening in the story which in turn makes one wonder about the significance of the scenes in real life. In the animalistic state of Gregor, he has come to an awareness of what he has become and how his family could turn against him now that he is useless and becoming a great burden to them. This is specially emphasized in the first part of the story when Gregor did not yet know what he had become. The thought that he was still himself who just felt a little queer or sick made him wonder about the reactions of the chief clerk and his parents. The span of time to Gregor’s discovery of his transformation may have taken a long time because he never thought that he was different. However, when he realized his situation, Gregor became considerate enough to his family members, hiding himself whenever the door opens in order not to frighten whoever entered his room. Similarly, the other members of the family gave more meaning to their existence as they sought to help themselves in their dire situation. Grete and her parents seemed satisfied

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