Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Working with families of Children with Disabilities Essay

Working with families of Children with Disabilities - Essay Example Those services should be synchronized with extra activities that they may need since they have disabilities. The children have to be cared for differently giving them the environments that are specifically suited to the needs they require in the communities they reside. Children with disabilities have been a topic of discussion for a long period and the need to give the best care has been reviewed by numerous professionals. In this paper, the focus is on the new methods of dealing with the children with special need and making sure they receive the correct care that is resourceful in the development of their abilities and lives among the society. The laws passed decades ago are useful tools that make it very essential in the society to integrate the people with the special needs. Several researches deal with the disabled people in the society. However, the focus of this paper is the impact of involving the parents in the programs of their children with special needs. The main issue is the fact a parent is an important figure in their children’s lives making them very useful in the motivation and realization of their development as they grow up. The fact that families go through different stages before they get to advance in the care for the disabled makes it appropriate to have the time to listen to the family in order to make amends on the children’s health when the family is fully aware of the children’s situation. In a recent research, the educators have realized the incorporation of the parent support is a good step to make sure there is sure progress in the edification and adaptation of the children with disability (Woolfson et al 6). Another progress is the fact that they incorporate the parental effort in the curriculum giving the children the sense of belonging and easy time since they find the people they treasure most take part in their daily routines. The

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