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How and why did the visionary architectural drawings of tienne-Louis Essay

How and why did the visionary architectural drawings of tienne-Louis Boulee and Claude Nicolas Ledoux challenge the classical style of their time - Essay Example The structures that they envisioned looked unbuildable because of their technical standards. The following paper tries to elaborate how both architects Etienne-Louis Boulee and Claude Nicolas Ledoux challenge classical style of their time. The historical importance of Ledoux is the fact that he introduced a new system in his architectural works. The new system incorporated new elements that became evident in the old system dominating it and replacing it with the new system. In French revolution period, theses architects are considered to have developed opposing principles. The work by Etienne is a demonstration of the new system in architecture where he asserts the importance of new principles in architecture and isolation of the other parts. In most cases, both architects are considered together but they are not similar in their architectural works. Ledoux is considered pragmatic because his works were developed to be constructed putting into consideration the needs of the people. On the other hand, Boullee does not seem to share the same interests. He was appointed as an architect by king Lous XVI in 1773 and before he could publish his work he was dismissed and arrested in 1793 by the revolutionary committee for al leged conspiracy of cooperating with Madame du Barry and for not acknowledging the king. His book was published in 1804 prior to his death, and this enabled him to share his ideas concerning architecture (Lawrence 25). Boullee’s theoretical designs for public cenotaphs sought to instigate lofty feelings in the view by architectural designs that suggested immensity, sublimity, and awesomeness of nature and divine aptitude underlying its creation. He was greatly inspired by indiscriminate interest for antiquity form Egyptian monuments experienced by his contemporaries. Boullee work is characterized by geometric forms put

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