Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Importance of Critical Theory Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Importance of Critical Theory - Essay Example In her work, Lois attempts to distill the basic tenets of a variety of many different contexts in examining the work. Lois re-examines F. Fitzgerald's work â€Å"the great Gatsby† in analyzing the critical theory better. Critical theory ought to define the reader response theory as ways in which a reader reacts to literal works but unlike other theories, it does not focus much on the context, form or the owner of the work. The theory, however, defines the notion that the degree that the text needs to be understood. A person can understand a book in two ways; the first is from its outward meaning and the second is from the words that construct the book. With notable expectations, most of the theoretical writings in the field try to express their views to individuals filled with verbiage, hence assuming a level of familiarity that most people lack. However, some of the writing is not coherent with the love for literature, let alone the daily life that we live. Critical theory is , however, necessary in allowing individuals to have abstract thoughts and the intellectual realm in which impress each other by using theoretical jargon. Thus, critical theory is essential in allowing individuals see themselves and the world invaluable and productive ways that are of benefit to the society and us (Lois 13). The focus of literal context â€Å"has changed over the years to the extent that now among many contemporary theorists; the author is not considered a meaningful object of analysis† (Hodder 65). The rather critical theory focuses more on the reader, rhetorical, ideological as well as the aesthetic value of a particular text. The culture in which the text is produced it is often an important aspect. An understanding critical theory is very beneficial. Theory will help individuals to see themselves in important contexts.  

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