Thursday, August 29, 2019

A society & dominated Essay

In a society dominated by pop culture, fashion always comes into play. For pop culture always requires novelty, and people has to keep up with the trends as time changes. Fashion has affected almost all aspect of the Homo sapiens way of living for it is the key to change. And because fashion takes many forms as time changes it had even infiltrated our mindset in setting a standard for a good physique—the very idea of sexy per se. In line with this, two writers discuss how fashion has greatly affected the psyche of both male and female of this generation as to how they perceive the image of a sexy person. Andrea Heiman in her article â€Å"When a Fad Does a Body Harm† and Rita Kemply’s article â€Å"Boys and the Beefcake Images† have pointed out that fashion has created a venue for other people to abuse their body and to live an unhealthy lifestyle. That is girls starving themselves to death to look perfectly thin and boys excessively using steroids to live up to the very concept of machismo today. Both Heiman and Kemply agree that a change in fashion as subject to the body form of both men and women has become hazardous to health. However the two authors have taken different sides to explain why this scenario happens. On the one hand Heiman, the feminist said that women starved themselves to death because being thin has become the epitome of looking really good to most men. As women strive to be part of the arena dominated by men, fashion has created ways to repress them. By looking frail men still claims their superiority over women. On the other hand Kemply perceive that the primary reason why men use steroids to maintain the so-called masculine image is that they are being judge with their physicality. Kemply said that women have created a standard that most men look attractive when they have muscles, lean body and no beer bellies. Both authors were able to explain how fashion can become hazardous to one’s health. However it is not sound that the reason why these circumstances happen is blamed on the perception of male and female toward the ideal look of a sexy body. For both genders are just victims of the so called pop culture. Moreover, pop culture has their psyche conditioned to that kind of notion to a point that their self-esteem becomes low. People should not judge a person based on how he or she looks. A standard of looking sexy should not be made for it is not the physical aspects of a person that counts most when we are trying to build a healthy relationship. In addition, fashion should be the melting pot of change that could benefit every regardless of gender. It should not be the key to affect the mentality of everyone that would cause to detrimental effects to our body.

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