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Professional writing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Professional writing - Essay Example The general idea of getting out of difficult and testing times is to keep moving forward. The basic and fundamental purpose of life is to inspire and attempt to be a better person every now and then (Thrash & Elliot, 2004). The whole nations are plunged into entropy because they are not moving into the direction of intellectual growth. The global rule of national development is simple and it states that either nations develop and grow economically or die. Thus, if any nation is not growing then, it means that it is dying. The movie with the title of â€Å"The Shawshank Redemption† is a story of a bank manager who was falsely imprisoned in the case of murder. But, on the basic level, he was aware of the fact that he was innocent. The man was in cover, he had a fragile body and he walked like a broken person. The strong current of wind could have taken him with it. The fellow prisoners were accustomed to laugh at him. The more cruel ones tried to sexually abuse him but, he manag ed to avoid it with the help of knowledge. The superintendent noticed him and found that he was an honest man and therefore, the former entity deployed the prisoner as a financial manager. The falsely imprisoned person was now responsible for recording and managing financial matters of the jail (O'Sullivan, 2001). Nevertheless, when the manager came to the jail, he requested the assistant to bring him a hammer. The information travelled to a fellow prisoner and he consequently thought that it will take a century to dig a hole that can be used as an escape route from this tiny hammer (O'Sullivan, 2001). But, the manager had a plan and they always do and he was already on it without anybody knowing it. He was digging the hole in a wall and behind the wall; he knew that the sewerage line is present that will surely lead towards his freedom. But, he needed to hide the hole that he was digging and he placed a film poster at the mouth of the hole. Thus, he concealed his plan when actually it was present right in front of everyone and just hidden by thin, fragile paper. The prisoner came to know that the superintendent was committing corruption in the financial management of the jail (O'Sullivan, 2001). However, his digging project successfully ended in more than thirty years. But, he did it and used it to get to the sewerage line and made his way out. But, this is not the end of the story because he freed himself and took the financial records of the jail with him. Then, after getting out he posted the original financial records to the authorities and the high-ups decided to close the jail and take the superintendent into custody. But, the superintendent committed suicide before that (O'Sullivan, 2001). The key message of the story is persistence, patience and belief in the justness of the cause. Firstly, the bank manager believed that he was doing the right thing. He never doubted that he was doing the wrong thing because from the inside he somehow knew that he was innocent and therefore, the freedom was his essential right. The success was written when the manager believed that he was right and at the end of the day he rose victorious. The elementary concepts of planning and execution were conveyed in the whole movie. The man did not talk much but, he achieved his goal of freedom by sticking to the plan. He not only freed himself

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