Sunday, August 25, 2019

Planning Function of Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Planning Function of Management - Case Study Example Ethical issues involve (1) a safe working environment for employees and (2) provide customers with fair and up-to-date information. In this case, planning is concerned with the long-term development, its essential character, its personality, its essence. Therefore, planning is concerned with decisions which have enduring effects that are difficult to reverse. WorldCom creates safe and friendly atmosphere which helps employees to increase productivity and avoid conflicts. While planning is a process that should generate receptivity to change and foster a responsive and proactive posture for the staff, it has been suggested that when rigidity is found in the process, the benefits and intent of the process have been lost through misuse (Sims 2003). Fair and up-to-date information is the main requirements applied to all spheres of WorldCom business. Social responsibility issues include (1) fair competition and (2) equal treatment of all employees in spite of their cultural background, age or gender. WorldCom supposes that planning should be implicitly receptive, even flexible, to change or to new ideas if it is to lead a complex bureaucratic agency into a changing environment with some assurance of success. It develops its business strategies and marketing plans in accordance with rules established by the industry. Diversity management helps WorldCom to eliminate cultural and age differences, and provide employee with equal opportunities. The planning process through which a staff progresses may be extremely valuable if the staff is able to confront and clarify its mission, if the awareness for change in a turbulent environment is afforded greater appreciation and acceptance (Issues in Corporate Social Responsibility 2007). The company's strategic panning is influenced by new products, legal strategies and competition. Managers acknowledge that the steps involved in the process are few and uncomplicated, but the technique and craft, even artistry, are complex. Strategic panning involves stakeholders working collectively to (1) review selected basic considerations or conduct a strategic analysis, (2)

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