Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Alexander The Great Episode Essay -- Papers

Alexander The Great Episode The film begins in Iran where we are told of how he was the devil and how he had two horns . They made their hate for him obvious. Th intro also tells us of how he was led to the speaking tree in India that told him that he would die young. That was the end of the introduction. Alexander was born in Macedonia , at a young age he believed that he was the son of god . There was no doubt about his extraordinary parents . His father had seven wives , he was an alcoholic yet a great man who controlled the country well . His mother was a weird manipulative women . At a young age he showed signs of brilliance , at 10 he tamed a horse that was thought to be untameable as no one in the land could tame it . His father always told him to aim high and that Macedonia was never enough for him . Alexander always hated the Persians for what they had done to his country . He had revenge in his blood and that was the beginning of the end for the Persian Empire . An interesting fact about him is that there is only one original portrait of him , all the rest are copies . At 19 his father died and so he took control of the country . Immediately he set out to Asia with 35,000 troops to seek revenge on Persia . This would be his last time in his homeland . He set out for Troy to visit the Tombs of Athena and Achilles . He believed that their sacred weapons would help him and so he took them . He believed that the gods would help him defeat the mighty Persians. He began his destiny by opening up the coast of Turkey and defeating the local government . He then went to Didimer's temple . He sought help on his miss... ...h for the leader . It was presented to him in a helmet . He took it and tipped it into the sand for if his army weren't going to drink then neither would he . The route he took was deemed impossible for an army and that's why he took it, for the challenge, 60 days later they reached Iran. At that time Iran was the centre of the Universe , he now regretted his earlier action of burning down the Palace . He still wanted to conquer the west . His close friend Histien died , Alexander was in despair . He went to Babylon ignoring the warning made by the gods to him . He died there on the 10th June . He had a bad fever . The veterans took a last look at his body to confirm his death to the people and to themselves . He had always taken recognition of the veterans . Alexander had been broken by the insanity of absolute power.

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