Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Business Strategies Implemented Internationally Research Paper - 1

Business Strategies Implemented Internationally - Research Paper Example How should you organize the business outside of the U.S.? Marketing department handles the sales operation in an international market. Setup of the export department that is in direct contact with the CEO. Setup of independent franchisees or subsidiaries whereby each franchise functions individually and is in direct contact with the CEO (Hodgetts & Rugman, 1995). Should you set-up reasonably independent companies, subsidiaries, in each foreign market? Yes, setting up subsidiaries in each of the international markets is one of the best ways to manage business outside the local market. The franchises are run according to the demands of that country. This is called as the multi-domestic strategy. Another similar strategy; known as international strategy, in this concept certain departments of the international franchise are still maintained by the parent company (Aswathappa, 2008). In order to exercise control over each of the subsidiary, it is important that the companies know which of the strategies it is going to implement and their relevant advantages and disadvantages. A subsidiary board of director will manage the various subsidiaries and their work and hence in this way it is easy to maintain the reputation and decrease the chances of risk in reputation. It is better not to impose a strict brand image and it is also important that all the subsidiaries be linked with the help of the internet or any other software that might be available

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