Friday, October 18, 2019

US History Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

US History Questions - Assignment Example The causes of the New Imperialism were economic, political and cultural causes. The economic causes involved the Western powers who were looking for sources for raw materials to run their factories. They were also looking for a future market to sell their manufactured goods and the Western bankers were looking for places to gain more profits. On the political front these Western powers were anxious for power and hence they believed that more land ownership meant more power. Having more land and colonies was also considered to be a status symbol; it showed strength and prestige of a nation. The cultural causes that led to Imperialism were the beliefs of the Western leaders. They believed that the best and strongest nation comes out only after they have faced struggle. Some racists believed that some races were better and superior to others. Some European leaders believed they had a duty to help and educate the African and Asian people. By the end of the 1800s the United States also to ok part in the Imperialism and colonial takeover. They defeated a Spanish fleet in Manila Bay and took over Philippines. They took over this territory claiming it was their obligation to civilize other parts and other people of the world. Americans had hidden motives behind this takeover. They eyed the Philippines as a stepping stone to reach the Chinese markets and they were also trying to prevent Japan to take charge of the area. United States did not treat those territories like they should have; they did not treat them morally like they claimed they would. This unit of our class examined the Progressive Era and World War I. Whether we were discussing world events or domestic problems (social problems, class issues, labor issues, technology, government, gender) it seems that all of the struggles of the era can be traced back to a few key questions: How do people live in a modern industrial society and what

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