Saturday, October 5, 2019

Women of TV Broadcast Journalism in the UK versus the US Dissertation

Women of TV Broadcast Journalism in the UK versus the US - Dissertation Example From the study it is clear that since the two countries under scrutiny in this study are UK and the US, we might as well keep these figures in mind right from the start. For the purpose of conducting this study on the portrayal of women broadcasters in US and UK, the help of various sources and surveys on a worldwide basis as well as secondary data collection have been taken. For starters, there is a brief look at the broadcasting industry, its history and emerging trends, as a whole, before moving onto the aspects that define the world of women broadcasters, specifically. These aspects include statistics as well as case studies for comparing trends and probabilities in both countries. This paper highlights that for every ABC, CBS and NBC affiliate that does local news – which is quite a sizable figure, there is a great majority of independent stations that do not follow suit. Only 2% of the Big- Three affiliates but 64% of other stations said they had no news staff. All these findings fuelled the transition to a period of postmodernism for mass media – an era ushered in equal parts by the beginning of globalisation as well as sensationalism. Part of the transition to postmodernism was the emerging trend of using women broadcasters, as we will study below. Apart from bringing glamour and a certain amount of light heartedness to the whole routine of broadcasting, women have a powerful role to play when it comes to dominating an audience’s attention in terms of mass media.

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