Thursday, June 13, 2019

3D printing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

3D printing - Essay Example3D printing can best be mute by defining a 3D printer. According to Kelly, A 3D printer is a printer that prints in deuce-ace dimensions (5). Deriving from this definition of a 3D printer, 3D printing is therefore printing objects in three dimensions. This technology has transformed printing from the conventional two dimensional methods which lacked height to three dimensions that comprise of height (Kelly 5). To further differentiate between the conventional method of 2D and modern 3D printing, Kelly asserts that whereas ink is used in 2D printing, 3D printing mainly uses plastic in order to achieve a three-dimensional object (7).Through 3D printing, it is easier for individuals to modify products according to customers instructions and needs. This improvement is reiterated by Stephanidis who posits that customized products can easily be created and produced in large quantities through an uncomplicated process made possible by 3D technology (300). Addit ionally, product can be produced more rapidly and precisely as the process is computerized. People can today purchase a 3D printer at a cheaper price for use at radix. It is worth noting that people in the modern world have divergent needs and bespeakments and hence may require to create specific products to meet their specific needs. An individual can therefore create a product to meet his own need at home and thus making life easier. This saves resources as money that could have otherwise be spent through purchasing the particular product from a rat or other manufacturers is used for other purposes.3D is today used to create prototypes. In fact, Battersby and Grimes assert that approximately 70 percent of 3D drill today entails prototyping (831). In laymans terms, a prototype is a model or sample that is created for experimentation. Through the use of 3D, an individual can create as many another(prenominal) prototypes as possible at a cheaper price until the specifications o f the desired product are achieved. There are

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