Saturday, June 15, 2019

Why can't we outlaw war Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Why cant we outlaw warfare - Essay ExampleWar has existed from the dawn of humankind. Six thousand years ago, wars existed between tribes. A discriminateic example is cemeteries found in the Nubian valley, pack who died because of conflicts. Zulu kingdom is another example in 1820s, Shaka fought the tribe of Ndwandwe and killed more than 40,000 people. War as gone by means of evolution, from using of stones and slings to the present nuclear bombs. A case in hand was the Second World War, where nuclear bomb was used, and over 70 million people died. However, what triggers war? It occurs because of several reasons. It could be a territorial dispute, minerals, and oil, example Iraq invading Kuwait in 1990s.Making wars involves the use of weapons. There has been an evolution of weapons from the use of rough ones like spears to the deadliest ones like the nuclear bombs. Bombs are now more deadly and accurate than before. This is evidenced by the case of precision guided bombs that onl y kills and destroys where it was intended. nuclear bomb, which kills m whatever people, destroys property, and has prolonged side effects, has ushered in the era of the nuclear age (Eichensehr and Reisman54).The effects of war are adverse, diseases, hunger, pandemics and famines are just but a few. addicted the above facts, we keep asking is war justified. Actually, we should not fight rather look for other options to our difference. Critics argue that war is necessary for a prosperous society. The results of any war are killings, destruction and loss of property.Wars dominated the past century. In the First World War, nearly eleven million people lost their lives, some fifty in the Second World War. The new century has ushered in the shed of blood such as the attack of Afghanistan and Iraq by the US forces. The causes of war in most cases are not natural but rather the divisions amongst us in form classes. People in a certain class find ways and means of protecting their

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