Thursday, June 20, 2019

British Education System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

British Education System - Essay ExampleWith the world economy becoming increasingly borderless, British direction offers students a broad(a) range of courses from matriculation to postgraduate levels to suit current market trends. Affordability being a key aspect of the Education British banner, many other measures be in possession of been implemented to help students study in the most cost- effective environment possible. Some of these measures include free health- vexation and the streamlining of all visa applications. Health-care insurance is often peerless of the biggest worries for international students, who hesitate in paying high premiums for insurance, although it works out cheaper when in need of medical assistance. With the British governments initiatives, all these worries are taken care of as students who are in the Britain for more than six months automatically qualify for the NHS. Another reason why parents send their children to the UK is that colleges and univer sities there are reputed to provide come about quality education which is highly recognized throughout the world. Parents and children are more discerning today in their choice and they are convinced British education will give them value for their money besides offering a balanced education.The UK has become an even more attractive education destination indeed it ever was as students are now in the position to work and study as well as enjoy health benefits that are ordinarily accorded to citizens of a particular country. With the world-class teaching facilities and high achievements in the area of science.

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