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Political Communication Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Political Communication - Research Paper ExampleQuestionnaires were used to collect the data using the correlational statistics aim. The data was analyzed b use of tables and presented in a pie chart. Television, internet and the newspapers were widely used to slay and get political information. Further research should be done to determine how politicians can clear their damaged images through political discourse. A research should also be carried out to analyze how the political classes keep in line the channels of conversation used in political communication to achieve their goals. People should also be able to choose the best channel of communication to ensure political success through political communication. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Table of Contents 3 Chapter one 5 1.0 flat coat information 5 1.1 Problem statement 6 1.2 Objectives of the study 6 1.3 Significance of the study 6 1.4 Limitations of the study 7 1.5 Theoretical framework 7 Chapter Two 7 2.0 Literature rev iew 7 2.1 Political communication 7 2.2 Channels of communication 9 2.2.1. Television 10 2.2.2. Newspapers 10 2.2.3. lucre 10 2.2.4. Radio 11 2.2.5. Other channels of communication 11 Chapter Three 11 3.0 Research methodology and Design 11 3.1 Research design 11 3.2. Study location 12 3.3. Target population 12 3.4 Sample and the sampling procedures 12 3.5 Research instrument 12 3.6 Data accrual methods 13 3.7 Data analysis 13 3.8 Data presentation 13 Chapter four 13 4.0 Data Analysis 13 4.1 Data Analysis 13 Table 1 show the various channels of communication used in political communication, their use and the number of people the reach and the effects the present on the population. 13 Figure 2 A Pie Chart showing the percentages of the frequency of the channels used in political communication 14 Chapter louvre 15 5.0.Conclusion 15 6.0.Recommedations 15 References 16 Chapter one 1.0 Background information Graber (2005) argues that the study of political communication came into exis tences since the early days during the Aristotles rhetorics and politics written around 350 BC. Predictions have also been made that it could have started around 2,000 years. Political communication has it roots from communication and political science. It is concerned with the transfer of information and how this information influences the political world. It is mainly concerned with transfer of information during the political campaigns and the governments role in information technology, laws and regulations regarding communication policies and news broadcasting. In the ripe day political communication addresses issues regarding provide relationships, icons, the individuals activities, political considerations as regards to the candidates and the symbolic structure of politics (McNair, 2003). The main goal of political communication is to pass a message that will influence the voters population. To be able to gauge their capabilities, political candidates are involved in the pub lic debates where it is determined who has the power to endorse, allow proper distribution of resources, ability to make concrete decisions and has social standings just like in America. Information in political communication moves crossways among the political elites, from the public to the relevant people in power and from the political class down to the public. Information is organized and passed on by the political actors such as the parties and other groups interested in the

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