Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Great sphinx Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Great sphinx - Research Paper ExampleThis is one of the oldest and the worlds largest statues ever known in the history. However, the time fig and the builder of this sculpture is not known in the history but according to historians this statue was built during the reigning period of great bureau Pharaoh on the west marge of river Nile in Giza. The Great Sphinx is almost 65 feet tall in height with a width of 20 feet and 260 feet in length (http//www.sacred-destinations.com/egypt/giza-sphinx).The sculpture of Great Sphinx is mythologic representation of the faith that people believed in. According to historians, people used to worship the Great Sphinx for believing it as a mystical solar power. However, some historians believed that King Pharaoh built this huge sculpture to leave an impression of his splendor, dignity and authority on the minds of his enemies.The Great Sphinx holds a high position in worlds history. It is a magnificent piece of art produced by Egyptian builders. The Great Sphinx transmits the historical mental object of King Pharaohs divinity and authority on the region. The message conveyed by the enigmatic sculpture is mysterious and mystical in some ways. According to historians, this enigmatic sculpture faces the east side which shows a strong incessant connection between the Rising Sun and the ruler. It also represents the superannuated thinking that light always wins over darkness. However, it is also believed that the image represents the magnificent and divine power of the King (Charles Orser).It was an old Egyptian myth that the Great Sphinx stands as the Guardian of Giza plateau with its face towards the direction of the rising sun. It was the centre of the solar worship which was contact by different other temples. The Sphinxs face is constructed into a lions face which was considered as the symbol of solar power in ancient Eastern civilizations. In Early Egyptian Dynastic period, the king or the

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